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What is Running Physio?

Updated: Feb 7

Running is a great activity, for both fun and fitness. No one plans on getting injured – however running injury is a common problem to athletes at all levels, affecting up to 80% of runners per year.

Getting the right advice and the right management is key to getting back on track as quickly as possible and getting back to doing what you enjoy.

Most running-related injuries are not as a result of ‘one-off’ big incidents, but rather the result of training errors. As such, thorough assessment is key to figuring out not only what the problem is, but also why it has happened, and most importantly what you can do – not just to help it now, but to help stay on top of it long-term. As such, your physio will look at a number of factors, including:

- Any contributing musculoskeletal deficits, such as strength and mobility

- Your training load (running frequency, weekly km’s, type of sessions)

- Running technique & footwear

As runners ourselves, we understand the frustration of injury affecting your running. To get back to their best, we believe it’s vital for runners to know exactly what is going on, and to have a clear plan. With further training in running biomechanics and injury management, along with keeping up to date with the latest research, we have developed the skills and knowledge to help you effectively manage and stay on top of running-related injury. We have a wide referral network of reliable physicians for sports physiotherapy in Adelaide and other allied health professionals who can also assist with the management of specific injuries, enabling you to receive the best treatment possible.

Written By:

Mat Prior

Running Physio North Adelaide

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