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I Commit
Exercise Class North Adelaide

Jump-start your fitness journey! 


What are the I Commit classes?

The I Commit class is a physiotherapist-led, small group exercise class that helps you achieve your fitness goals. Each participant has a personalised program developed, following a thorough assessment of their current fitness levels in our well-equipped onsite rehab gym. In I Commit you’ll learn what exercises you need to achieve your goals and why. You’ll also be able to ask questions judgement-free and work with our physiotherapists to optimise your program and technique.


How to start

Book an initial gym assessment

  1. This initial assessment will include a movement, strength and endurance screening and goal setting. From this screening process we will be able to determine areas needing to be addressed to minimise the risk of injury and ultimately develop a program that meets your goals.

  2. Purchase a 10 session pack

      (10 x 60 minute physio led small group sessions)


These small group sessions allow our physiotherapists to work closely with you on your lifting technique to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. Additionally, the personalised sessions allow our physios to progress your program when needed to ensure you continue to move closer to your goals. 



Any questions please email us at or call the clinic on (08) 8267 6432 and ask for one of our physiotherapy team to give you a call back.

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