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Physiotherapy Treatment North Adelaide

Whether your goals are to get back to work, keep up with the kids or grandkids, get back to sport & exercise, or simply manage all your usual day-to-day tasks easier and without pain – we can help.  


How Can Physiotherapy Treatment Help?

Physiotherapy is more than just addressing your current issue. We use physiotherapy to understand the underlying cause and contributing factors as to why pain or symptoms are there in the first place. All of this comes together to treat your current concern while minimising the risk of recurrence.

Our physiotherapists work together with our clients to develop long-term strategies to manage specific problem areas. Whether it’s back and neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, falls prevention, or rehabilitation, we can help find a long-term solution.


More than just “being told to rest”

Injury rehab isn’t just about rest. It’s about finding how we can help you move comfortably and safely during rehab. We focus on managing your injury while still maintaining the fitness & freedom to get on with life’s everyday activities. 


At Body Fit Physiotherapy you’ll receive an individualised rehab plan that’s specific to you & your injury. The ultimate goal is to get you fit and back to everyday activities in a safe and timely manner. With a modern rehab gym onsite, you have access to all the tools to come back better and stronger than before.


What to Expect:

  • Detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis of injury

  • Education on recovery timeframes, and things you can be doing to help your recovery

  • Individualised rehabilitation physiotherapy program set for your recovery

  • A detailed plan to safely return to everyday activities 


Why Choose Body Fit Physiotherapy's Physio in North Adelaide?

Our team has extensive experience working across both public health and private health care settings.  We also have close links with doctors and other specialists, allowing us to help people get the right help & further expertise when they need it. 

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Find a Physiotherapist Near You

Experience personalised care and regain your physical function at our Physiotherapy Centre in Adelaide. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards better health!

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