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Athlete Development Program

Physical development helps drive athletic and sports performance – and our Body Fit Athlete Development Program can help set athletes up for success, no matter what their sport!

Improving your physical qualities

A structured Athlete Development Program helps you identify your physical strengths and target areas to work on that are most relevant to your sport – helping you build strength, power, speed and agility; along with decreasing the risk of injuries. 


Our physios have additional qualifications and experience in strength & conditioning coaching, exercise science and olympic lifting, and can help you build and develop the physical tools needed for success in your sport.


How does it work?

We start by sitting down and learning more about you, your goals and your sport – and doing a sport-specific musculoskeletal screening which measures key aspects of athletic function, including strength & power. This enables us to design an individualised Athletic Development Program specific to you & your needs, and also gives us a baseline from which to measure your improvements over time.


The program is as individual as you are – whether it be gym-based or field-based. You can be fully coached and supervised in the clinic (either 1:1, or as part of our gym classes), or independently using the athlete’s existing gym facilities. 


We then review your program and your progress over time. Your program changes as you do, ensuring that you continue to develop as an athlete. 


Who is it for?

  • Athletes of all ages and levels, playing team or individual sports

  • Anyone looking to develop specific aspects of physical fitness

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Looking For Athlete Development Program in Adelaide?

Join our Athlete Development Program and unlock your potential. Ask today about increasing your performance to achieve maximum success.

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