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Physiotherapy Centre North Adelaide

At Body Fit Physiotherapy, we understand the extent to which injuries can affect lifestyles and ways of life. Whether these injuries occur during sports, daily activities or illness, our physiotherapy services will always help you through recovery.

Our team of experienced and qualified physiotherapists have assisted numerous residents in Adelaide in attaining full recovery. Our physiotherapy centre can help athletes regain the functionality to perform their best. Even for short- or long-term injuries, work-related pains or regular training, our tailored solutions would create an exercise program for attaining your goals.

Same-Day Treatment

Injuries are always caused by accidents, so we accept same-day appointments or bookings within 24 hours. When you visit our physiotherapy centre for treatment, you will meet an expert physiotherapist who will thoroughly assess your condition for further treatment.

Experienced Physiotherapist Team

Our specialists work with various doctors and healthcare centres to optimise Adelaide's physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. This practice allows our team to create a rehabilitation program that works for the client. With these years of experience and qualifications, we guarantee the best services and fast pain relief. Our treatment approach focuses on rapid pain relief. After that, we follow up with effective treatment for the condition or injury.

How Can Our Experienced Physiotherapist Assist You?

Physiotherapy is integral for numerous health programs. To ensure a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment approach, we work with other doctors, fitness centres and institutions to ensure all Adelaide residents are taken care of. We also have educational tools to empower and improve people's capacity to make the right fitness and well-being decisions.

Our evidence-based research presents us with new physiotherapy techniques to offer personalised treatment for all our patients. In addition, we work collaboratively with our patients to support their goals all through.

Meet The Team

Our team of experienced and qualified allied health professionals have assisted numerous local, interstate and overseas residents in Adelaide in attaining full recovery

Dedicated to give you
Educational Tools

We believe that education is key to empowerment and improvement. At Body Fit we promote lifelong learning and physical engagement. One can never know everything and by providing our community with current, up to date information and evidence based research we continue to grow and learn together and can make well informed decisions about health, fitness and wellbeing.

Please let us know what other areas are of interest to you. We love supporting our community to live and function at their best.


What is the role of a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists make assessments to diagnose and manage conditions in the muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, cardiovascular system, and other parts of the body. They offer pain relief, education on the cause of the condition, lifestyle advice, chronic disease management services, and exercise strategies to optimise your physical function.

Expect your physiotherapist to do the following at our centre:

  • Take a detailed history of the condition
  • Perform a number of assessments to help diagnosis the underlying cause and contributing factors to the condition
  • Explain the underlying cause of the condition and how we plan to fix it in a way that is easy for you to understand
  • Provide hands on therapy to help you feel and move better this could include:
  • Stretching tight muscles
  • Massaging troubled areas
  • Manipulating stiff joints
  • Provide a detailed plan to return you to your physical best this could include:
  • Developing an exercise program
  • Providing you with a home exercise program

On top of that, physiotherapists also work with parents to improve movement in children who have issues. Doing so helps improve the child’s quality of life.

Do I need a referral letter for a physiotherapy appointment?

Private patients don’t need referral letters to see our physiotherapists. These patients walk directly into our physiotherapy centre to get various services. On the other hand, motor vehicle accident patients (Compulsory Third Party Insurance), workers compensation, those claiming the Medicare Rebate (using a care plan) and those covered under the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) need referrals from their doctors. The referral helps our physiotherapists understand conditions better, especially those resulting from accidents or workplace injuries.

Is a physiotherapist better than a doctor?

None is better than the other since doctors and physiotherapists work to meet the needs of physiotherapy patients. Still, knowing what each professional does helps identify where to go in case of injury. Doctors refer patients to physiotherapists if the condition needs specific expertise. At the same time, physiotherapists refer patients to doctors if they need scans, injections, and medications. These two professionals work hand in hand to give better services to patients needing medical help.

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

One cannot eassume the number of sessions you’ll need. First, the physiotherapist must assess you to determine your issues. Afterwards, they formulate a treatment plan. It is very unlikely that one visit will get you the help you need. However, it depends on your condition. So, acute issues take fewer sessions, while long-term problems need more sessions. Book your appointment to understand better how many sessions you’ll need and what each entails.

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist?


Many people visiting our physiotherapy centre want to learn the difference between physiotherapy and physical therapy. What’s surprising is that these two terms are completely the same. You can use these terms interchangeably, but there’s one small difference. In the United States, health professionals refer to this field as physical therapy. So, if you're in the region, you’ll see a physical therapist rather than a physiotherapist. However, the profession is referred to as physiotherapy in Australia and Europe.

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