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Improve your Thoracic or Upper Back posture

Updated: May 4

Have you found over the years, your posture has started to deteriorate?

Are your shoulders starting to round forward?

Is your head starting to sit further forward?

Are you getting an increased curve in your upper back?

Do you have neck, upper back or shoulder pain?

Over the years as gravity starts to take hold of our body, our muscle endurance begins to fade, and we are unable to compensate for all the poor positions we put our body in and our posture naturally deteriorates. Unfortunately, due to that scary word genetics, this affects some more than others. Regularly, we do not get adequate warning signs in the early stages which prompt us to seek help and change our ways rather we usually notice these issues when our muscles are severely deconditioned, or our joints have stiffened to a point which our position is not completely reversible. Therefore to make up for the positions, we place ourselves in, and other factors contributing to our postures decline I feel it is important to perform the below exercises to reduce its effect over time.

Stretches – this helps to maintain the mobility of the spine

  • Chair thoracic extension 3 x 30 second holds

  • Rolled up towel / foam roller thoracic extension 3 x 30 second holds

Strength – this helps strengthen those posture muscles which are fatiguing during the day

  1. Prone thoracic and arm extension (keep neck in neutral position) 3 x 20seconds try to progress time as endurance improves

  2. Standing row bent arms 3 x 15 (think about holding a good posture while performing this exercise)

  3. Standing row straight arms 3 x 15 (think about holding a good posture while performing this exercise)

  4. Bow and arrow 3 x 15

Written By:

Tim Delvins

Body Fit Physiotherapy North Adelaide

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