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Hip & Knee Arthritis Relief: Exercises for Improved Function & Pain Reduction

Updated: Feb 26

Arthritic pain is a prevalent concern we frequently encounter at our clinic, particularly related to hip and knee arthritis. Given that one in 11 Australians grapples with arthritis, and 64% of those affected experience moderate to substantial work-related disability, addressing this issue is crucial. Osteoarthritis, characterised by the degeneration of joint cartilage, poses significant challenges, affecting the cushioning surface on our bone ends.

Managing Osteoarthritis Symptoms: Strategies for Daily Relief

Individuals dealing with osteoarthritis often encounter difficulties in various daily tasks, such as putting on shoes and socks, standing up from a chair, and engaging in leisure activities or sports. These degenerative changes manifest as joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, impacting routine activities. Thankfully, mild to moderate symptoms can be effectively managed through:

  1. Regular physical activity

  2. Maintaining a healthy weight

  3. Strengthening the muscles around the joint

  4. Balancing activity with rest or utilising correct load management strategies

  5. Using hot and cold packs as required

Knee Arthritis Management: Insights from GLAD Program

Research highlights that gentle exercise therapy yields optimal pain and functional outcomes for osteoarthritis. Our physiotherapists at Body Fit Physiotherapy are highly experienced in assisting clients who suffer from various forms of arthritis.

We understand the principles of the GLAD ‘Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark’ exercise program, emphasising strengthening and correcting daily movement patterns. Results from the GLAD program showcase a 23% reduction in symptom progression, a 25% average reduction in reported pain levels, and increased physical activity levels 12 months post-program initiation. Remarkably, 74% of participants managed to avoid total knee replacement.

Personalised Self-Care & Exercise Strategies at Body Fit Physiotherapy

Body Fit Physiotherapy offers individually tailored self-care strategies, setting specific goals for pain management and exercise training in our fully functional on-site gym. For optimal results, following the GLAD program's recommendation of exercise therapy 2-3 times per week is encouraged. We address secondary effects of arthritis, such as functional deficits, altered balance, and weakness in surrounding musculature, incorporating them into our program.

The key takeaway is that gentle exercise is not to be avoided when dealing with arthritis. On the contrary, exercise proves to be beneficial in maintaining strength and mobility, minimising the impact of this condition. If you or a family member are seeking relief from arthritis and aim to return to your physical best, we are here to help you achieve those goals.

Body Fit Physiotherapy

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