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Shoulder pain during Shoulder Press

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Causes of Shoulder Pain during Shoulder Press

Shoulder pain during shoulder press can be a common issue faced in the gym. It's essential to address it to prevent injury and discomfort. There are many potential causes of shoulder pain during shoulder presses some of these are listed below:

  1. Poor Form - Ensure you have proper form when performing shoulder presses. Incorrect form can put excess strain on your shoulder joints.

  2. Overload - Using weights that are too heavy for your current strength or progressing your training load too sharply can lead to shoulder pain. Gradually increase the weight as your strength improves, and avoid your ego when lifting.

  3. Improper Warm-up - Its alarming how many people who go to the gym don't even perform warm up sets when lifting. Always warm up your shoulder muscles before starting your workout. Warm-up exercises can include mobility and muscle activation.

  4. Muscular Imbalances - Muscle imbalance is a significant contributor to tendinitis and bursitis. It is critical that you perform a well structured preventative program targeting this.

  5. Shoulder Mobility - Limited shoulder mobility can lead to pain during shoulder presses. It can cause increased force to be placed through the shoulder joint due to poor flexibility and mobility. As above it is important that you have a well structured preventative program to maintain the health of your shoulders.

  6. Excessive Range of Motion - Hyper-mobility increases the demand of the stabilising muscles of the shoulder. In this situation you need to be diligent with your preventative program to ensure you have the muscle endurance and strength in the stabilising muscles of the shoulder.

If you're experiencing persistent or severe shoulder pain during shoulder presses, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a physiotherapist to determine the exact cause and receive tailored advice or treatment. They can provide a proper diagnosis and rehabilitation plan to address your specific shoulder issues.

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