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Neck Pain when working at a desk?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

😩 We often find ourselves at our desks for prolonged periods which can lead to unwanted neck pain. What we find is the longer we sit the worse our posture becomes. As a result it is important to change position regularly and reverse the position that we find ourselves in.

🪑 A couple of ways to help reverse the position of our neck from sitting at a computer are known as:

• Neck retractions

• Self-tractions

👍 In addition to these, implementing regular standing breaks can also assist people.

⏱️ Posture is essential as well as having regular breaks to relax and stretch.

🗣️ If you have ongoing tightness and pain, there is no need to push through this. Seeing a physiotherapist to assess your individual symptoms and knowledge of your workspace and how best to improve this for you is worth it.

😩 Having a sore neck really impacts your day and wellbeing.

💙 "Prioritise your your health, it is your biggest asset." - Body Fit Physiotherapy.

Looking for the best neck pain treatment? Speak with our expert physiotherapists at Body Fit physiotherapy for effective treatment for neck pain

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