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INJURY PREVENTION - The Importance of Eccentric Muscle Strength

Updated: May 15

We’re all interested in training to help us run faster, jump higher and kick further in our chosen sport – but did you know that many muscle and joint injuries happen when we are trying to DECELERATE our movement in order to control it? This can be when changing direction, landing from a jump, or even when our leg is preparing to strike the ground when running fast. Think of it like a race car – speed can be good, but it means nothing if we don’t have the brakes to control it. We’re big advocates of strength work for sport, but it’s not just the lifting of a weight, but also the LOWERING of it that’s important: this is what’s known as the eccentric phase, where the muscle is working to slow down and control movement, and can have a huge effect on our strength and injury risk. Speak to one of our physiotherapists about what sorts of movements and exercises you can be putting into your routine to train up the brakes – these are a few examples, but there are many, many more!

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