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Soccer Physio for Common Soccer Injuries & Treatments - Body Fit Physiotherapy

Updated: Mar 28

At Body Fit Physiotherapy, we have a particular interest and experience in soccer, and can utilise this experience to help you recover from injury and get back on the pitch.

Common Soccer Injuries

Both soft tissue injury and joint/ligament injuries, both contact & non-contact, are common with soccer – particularly at the hip, knee & ankle – and we know that accurate diagnosis and effective treatment is crucial in minimising time on the sidelines.

We understand that coming back from injury doesn’t just involve work in the gym, but also putting in work on the pitch too. We can work with you in restoring speed, agility and function through soccer-specific rehab drills, and planning how best to return to training and playing.

We’re actively involved in providing physio services to a number of local clubs, including Adelaide University FC (Football SA WNPL) and Blackfriars Old Scholars FC (SAASL Men’s, and Football SA Women’s competitions). In addition, Mat Prior brings over a decade of experience working within elite-level soccer, including working with:

- Adelaide United FC (Men’s & Women’s)

- The Pararoos – Australian National Paralympic Football Team

- The Joeys – Australian Youth National Football Team

Whether it’s a strained hammy, an injured knee from a dodgy tackle, or anything in between – get in touch with Body Fit Physiotherapy to find out how we can help get you back playing!

Written By:

Mat Prior

Soccer Physio Adelaide

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