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When should I start my rehab post injury..?

Rehabilitation commences from the moment an injury occurs. How should we best manage acute injuries before we seek further guidance from a health professional?

The principles of 'POLICE' and 'NO HARM' can be useful tools in the appropriate management of acute injuries. 

Protecting & immobilising the injured area promotes the healing process and prevents further tissue damage.

Optimally loading the tissues as pain allows also promotes tissue healing and should be consoled with a physiotherapist. 

Ice for 10-20min in the initial 24-48 hrs is useful for pain relief and minimising swelling. 

Compression and Elevation of the injury above the level of the heart are also important to minimise and reduce swelling. 

It is also important to avoid things that can disrupt or exacerbate our injury. Heat, alcohol, massage, running or other high impact activities can all increase inflammation, bleeding, swelling, pain and tissue damage along with prolonging the healing process. It is therefore important to minimise and reduce exposure to these in the initial phases. 

Contact us at or for further guidance of your injury. 

Luke Chetcuti

Sport Physiotherapy

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