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Obsessed with finding the right shoe..?

Patients of mine often present with leg injuries thinking that finding the right shoe will magically fix all their problems. Their perception is that this will change the motion of their foot and subsequently improve the motion of everything else in their leg. Whilst this is somewhat accurate, if we made the story of your injury into a movie shoes would fit somewhere into the opening credits. 

Other factors that are considered far more relevent include:

  • Technique

  • Training errors

  • Muscle weaknesses

Some important things to keep in mind about shoes are:

(i) Shoe mileage: shoes generally last 500-800km depending on technqiue, terrain and the shoe itself. You can easily track your shoe mileage on Garmin, Strava etc 

(ii) Have a couple pairs: it is recommended you run in at least 2 different shoes to help disperse load differently through your legs. The idea is to prevent soft tissue overload. 

Better known running brands include Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno & Nike - whilst there is a lot of different technology in shoes now generally your feet will tell you whether the shoe is a good fit for you!

Happy Running

Craig Ellis

Running Physio

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