Weight Lifting Technique and Programming


Olympic Lifting is used by elite athletes to train and improve their functional and explosive strength.


Starting with the correct technique a program is imperative to ensure you lift safe and aren’t at risk of causing injury. Clients start with an initial consult where we discuss goals and conduct assessment measures to develop an individualised program. From here clients decide whether they would like further critiquing and coaching.

We provide the following training options for individual, group and teams:

  • Technique session
  • Training sessions
  • Team/Club programming

Sessions are individualised as we understand that everyone comes with their own prior knowledge and limitations.


It can be used as a functional training tool to transform fitness and improve results in power, sprinting, ability to jump, body composition and flexibility. Additionally, this form of training can be utilised to improve functional strength used for everyday tasks.

Reasons why clients seek further support:

  • I understand the basics but I would like to fine tune my technique to take the next step with load.
  • I’ve never seen a physiotherapist who specialises in Olympic Lifting assess my technique.
  • I want to improve at power/endurance/speed/agility
  • This is an area of training that I’ve never spent time on. I’m training for ………… (specific event or sport) and I want to improve my performance.
  • How can I incorporate Olympic Lifting in my training program?
  • I am wanting to train in a safe monitored environment where my technique is continually critiqued and improved.
  • I want to start Olympic Lifting because I’ve heard how good it is and I want to become the best athlete that I can be.
  • I’ve always wanted to know how to develop a safe program but don’t know how to approach it safely by myself.

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