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Weights training and adolescents the age old question and debate continues

Weights training and adolescents the age old question and debate continues!

I have had many parents of aspiring athletes ask me about weights training. In particular, they want to know what is safe. Then following safety, what is beneficial is the next question. Resistance training is one component to athlete development that has been proven to be beneficial to performance. Research has shown the positive effects […]

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How can I improve my catching skills?

With the development of motor skills repetition is vital to strengthen the neural pathway and ultimately learn the skill which can eventually be adapted to various task specific scenarios. Catching is a difficult skill to master because there are so many variables to consider: * Trajectory of the object * Velocity of the object * […]

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Getting back into running

It is great that you have made the choice to get back into exercise and in particular running but there are some important things to consider. – Running places large amounts of stress on your joints, muscles and tendons. Due to this increased load, it is important to increase load gradually as it is routinely not one […]

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