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Weights training and adolescents the age old question and debate continues

Weights training and adolescents the age old question and debate continues!

I have had many parents of aspiring athletes ask me about weights training. In particular, they want to know what is safe. Then following safety, what is beneficial is the next question. Resistance training is one component to athlete development that has been proven to be beneficial to performance. Research has shown the positive effects […]

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Weak ankles?

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone. It is sad to think that so many people talk about their previous ankle injuries and brush it off secondary to weak ankles! When you ask this group what they do to prevent further issues, it ‘s unbelievable how many do nothing. So what can be done? Well, the […]

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Improve your thoracic posture

Have you found over the years, your posture has started to deteriorate? Are your shoulders starting to round forward? Is your head starting to sit further forward? Are you getting an increased curve in your upper back? Do you have neck, upper back or shoulder pain? Over the years as gravity starts to take hold […]

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How do I use a lumbar roll

We have all seen other work colleges sitting with this D-shaped pillow behind their back and wondered what exactly is it doing and how is it supposed to be used. Others have probably been given one and told to use it without any explanation of how to use it correctly and why it may help […]

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Benefits of resistance training

Strength for life’s challenges – you will enjoy the transformation In this day with the level of technology at our fingertips we need to change our fear of resistance training and our perception that it is for the young or males only. There are too many mental and physical benefits to this form of training […]

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